You should change your curtains with the seasons, says interiors expert

You should change your curtains with the seasons, says interiors expert

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  • The warmer months are finally here, and lots of us are looking for ways to make our homes feel that little bit more summery. We spoke to CEO and creative director at Studio Arva, Abisola Omole, about easy ways to update our living spaces for the new season.

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    The interiors expert highlights the transformative power curtains can have when viewed as seasonal items.

    You should change your curtains with the seasons, says interiors expert

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    ‘I think a lot of people get heavier curtains around winter, they want blackout and want it to go with the mood,’ Abi begins. ‘So I always think curtains should be something quite seasonal – just like you change your wardrobe, I think your curtains should be the same.’

    Thicker living room curtains make sense in winter, holding in heat and creating a cosy interior. But opting for something more lightweight over the summer months could be a smart way to make the room feel more airy and light. For more small living room ideas, take a look at our roundup.

    Abi says that she always adopts a slightly warmer toned curtain over cool colours. ‘Maybe something like a terracotta, a light beige or even orange.’

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    You might prefer something heavier in the bedroom so you’re not woken up at dawn, but something translucent works beautifully elsewhere in the home. ‘When the sun is coming through the curtain, your room is already basically illuminated through the light but also the colour from the curtain,’ Abi says.

    For the days when the sun doesn’t come out at all, light up your space with our living room lighting ideas.

    ‘A lot of people don’t know the power that the curtain has because obviously, it’s the barrier between you and the outside. But I’ll always encourage having some nice, warm-toned curtain that isn’t too thick, and just transforming the room to make it feel a bit sunnier. We’ve gotta take what we can get in London.’

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    If changing your curtains every few months is sounding like a lot of effort, hear us out. A lot of brands now make curtains longer than you would typically need them so you can tweak them – or simply let the curtains puddle on the floor. We’ve found this to be the case recently at H&M Home, where the curtains come long, with some hemming tape included.

    Plus, apps like Sojo, described as the Deliveroo of tailoring, mean you can get curtains tailored cheaply.

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    Abisola Omole has partnered with Vodafone for the ‘Homes of the Future’ report, which was commissioned to mark the launch of Vodafone’s Pro Broadband range.

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