What Do Plumbers Use to Unblock Drains? | thebaynet.com | TheBayNet.com

What Do Plumbers Use to Unblock Drains? | thebaynet.com | TheBayNet.com

What Do Plumbers Use to Unblock Drains? | thebaynet.com | TheBayNet.com

Blocked drains is one of the most common reasons why many homeowners call the help of drainage plumbers. No matter how careful you are in your kitchen or bathroom area, it just happens. Whether it’s food trapped in the sink, hair blocking the shower drain, or tissue clogging the toilet, you need it cleared out or it could result in a plumbing disaster.

Today, we’ll look into a plumber’s arsenal of tools used to clear drain blockages. So, whether you’re here to understand how the process works or if you plan to take a DIY approach in unclogging of drains, we’re sure you’ll find information that can help you take care of your pipes.

1. Plungers

Probably the most common tool used not only by plumbers but also by drain repair experts to address minor clogs. Plungers are plumbing tools that are kind of a first aid solution. They can loosen obstructions, but not so much as remove them.

2. Manual drain snake

Most plumbers use manual snake tool for a drain fix. It’s a small auger that rotates as it’s pushed through the drainage pipe. At the tip is a hook, shaped like a corkscrew, that is fed into a clogged drain. The corkscrew-shaped tip rotates as the handle of the auger drum is rotated. This allows the manual drain snake to pull soft clogs right out of the pipe. Common materials removed using a manual drain snake include hair, grease or oil, small solid food, soap suds, dirt, and small paper products.

That said, manual snake drains are the most rudimentary of tools drainage plumbers have in their stack of equipment. It does not need a lot of preparation and can be implemented immediately. It does need a little elbow grease but when used in the right application, drain snakes can make for a very effective tool in unclogging blocked drains.

3. Motorized drain snake

Operating on the same principle as manual drain snakes, motorized drain snakes offer more power and better reach. That said, these motorized tools are brought in when its manual counterpart can’t do the job. With a reach of around 150 feet, a motorized drain snake can force its way into the pipe and drill itself into the clog with ease. Blocked drain plumbers only have to activate the motor and guide the snake while in the process of breaking the obstruction.

Plumbers recover a slew of harder and tougher debris including small plastic, cement, grout, or joint compounds that have made their way into the drainage past the small filter that blocks the entrance way. Overall, a motorized snake drain does what a manual one does – only better.

4. Drain and sewer line cameras

Drain and sewer line cameras sound like the stuff of spies, right? It could be, but high-definition cameras have found a place in plumbing and it has helped plumbers detect the cause of most clogs. Expert professionals in unclogging of drains have used cameras to look at the interior of a pipe structure, identify what is blocking the pipe, and find out what it’s made of. These pieces of information have been a game-changer in the plumbing industry and have allowed many professionals to use the right tools to unclog drains without causing damage to the property.

CCTV Cameras have improved the plumber’s approach in treating the clog and make their job more straightforward.

5. Hydro-jetting machine.

With the clog detected, identified, and the use of both manual and motorized drain snakes ruled out, plumbers do call in the cavalry. Known as the big guns in the industry, hydro-jetting machines can flush away almost anything. This equipment can put out pressure reaching 35,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), allowing hydro-jetting machines to clear up years of grease, soap, oil, mineral deposits, and just about anything. The highly pressurized and heated streams of water can melt and blow away any kind of blockage and restore the flow of water in your drainage systems.

This comprehensive method of eliminating obstructions in the pipeline can clear your drains clean and fully functional. It may take a little know-how to set it up and operate it, hence the need for a professional, but using hydro-jetting equipment can leave your pipes cleared and fully functional.


Removing a clogged drain using these tools can increase your chances of taking out the obstruction. However, for better results, calling professional plumbers who are trained and are experienced in operating these tools can get the job done faster with better results.

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