This Is How Beautifully You Can Design Your Pooja Room

This Is How Beautifully You Can Design Your Pooja Room

Pooja rooms stand as a place of peace in one’s home. Hence, this room needs to be well-decorated to let you channel peace of mind. It’s possible to create a stunning one without spending too much. The trick is to keep making changes in minimal accents one at a time to create a space that appeals to you. But where do you start? For perfectly designed pooja rooms it’s essential that all the elements are arranged correctly and speaks to you. Whether you’re a large joint family looking to create a room of worship for the entire home, or you simply need a way to incorporate symbols of your faith in a small space apartment, here are some pooja room decor designs to help you along the way.

Decor Hacks For A Beautiful Pooja Room

1. Add Metallic Accents

Most of the places of worship already have metallic additions like bells, brass lamps hence adding some more metallic accents to it will only enhance the look. However, one should take care not to go overboard with the metal as it will overpower the room with its shine. Use subtle elements such as decorative metal motifs on the door to balance the feel.

This Is How Beautifully You Can Design Your Pooja Room

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2. Use Light, Pastel Tones

Since these rooms are often considered pillars of peace in the house, make sure that they are decorated in light hues that can help the mind calm down. Choose designs and tones that are minimal in spirit and make sure that you do not go overboard with it.

3. Use Backlit Panels

You can also use backlit panels as an alternative to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. Designs such as sacred symbols, holy verses or etchings of gods and goddesses bring a unique element and vibe to the place.

4. Lighting Is Also Important

Like with other areas in the house, the lighting system in the pooja room accelerates elegance. Since these rooms present a tranquil vibe, it’s best to opt for ambient lighting.

5. Go For Wooden Accents

Wood is a versatile material for home décor, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. One can look at small wooden cabinet designs. Go for carved structures, exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that will give a rustic tone to the room.

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