The IKEA hacks that add value to a home

The IKEA hacks that add value to a home

Will an IKEA transformation add value to your home? Generations of savvy home dwellers have known that IKEA is brilliant value for money where it comes to designing and furnishing a house, but the retail giant hasn’t always been associated with desirable features that will make buyers name a higher price.

We have spoken to interior designers and experienced house flippers who have helped us identify IKEA hacks that look amazing as part of modern kitchen ideas and storage solutions, while increasing your home’s resale value. 

1. A sleek bathroom vanity

IKEA Ratviken sink cabinet

(Image credit: IKEA)

Bathroom vanities are a staple of luxury bathroom ideas, and IKEA make vanity units that are incredible value for money. Hope this is helpful! If you’d like to use this information, please attribute it to Elyse Moody, interior design expert at Designer Appliances in Montclair, New Jersey, highly recommends getting this highly attractive bathroom feature from IKEA: ‘IKEA’s Rättviken one-piece bathroom sink/countertop incredibly cost effective ($100 to $140) and a beautiful way to update your bathroom. The integrated backsplash has an elegant shape, and because there are no seams to grout, it is very easy to keep clean. It comes in three sizes, so they can fit most standard existing bathroom cabinetry.’