The Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted

The Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted

A Dream Bathroom
Whether you want to update your home’s bathroom with a remodel or just spruce it up with a material refresh, changing up your bathroom spaces is simple at Dream House Dream Kitchens, where rooms are designed according to your unique vision. The process begins with a home visit. Your individual design team will check out the space, taking photos and measurements of the area. Backed by a team of designers, project managers, carpenters and staff, your dream design team will not only walk you through the entire process every step of the way but will also work with you to create a list of wants that fit within your budget.

“The initial design process can take as short as two to three weeks before we are ready for a presentation,” says Megan Voakes, CKBD, Dream Team designer. “We create a 2D floor plan looking down on the space. That way, clients know exactly what they will be getting. We even do 3D renderings that show representative materials and colors to give customers the exact look of the room, helping them visualize what the space will look like upon completion. We even add in some of their original
decor and furnishings to render the look complete. At Dream House Dream Kitchens, we make dream

Opt for white paint shades to give the space a crisp, clean feeling.
Reduce clutter and maximize organization with custom cabinetry to fit every space, like those designed by Dream House Dream Kitchens.

  • Select larger tile or complete granite slabs to reduce the number of grout lines, which can appear duller as they age.projects come to life.”
  • The best part? Dream House Dream Kitchens is always on top of the latest trends, meaning your dream team will work with you to get the latest in bathroom design and architectural features. “Since more people are working from and spending more time at home, clients have been wanting a sharper, cleaner look in their bathrooms,” says Voakes. “People are going for lighter and brighter wood stains, white shades of paint and fewer grout lines with bigger tiles in the shower and tub. Floating vanities allow you to clean underneath, and walk-in showers eliminate that extra glass panel, so that, too, can stay cleaner longer.” The goal at Dream House Dream Kitchens is to create a dream product every time.

    The Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted


    Build With Confidence
    Victory Homes of Wisconsin designs and builds luxury homes with the homeowner in mind. Since 2003, Victory Homes has given customers the unique opportunity to build a dream home customized to meet their individual needs. Personalized bathrooms top the list of spaces in which Victory Homes excels.

    Expect to pull from top materials and brands like those from Consentino, while custom-built bathroom features like heated tile floors or free-standing tubs with exposed plumbing are readily available design options as well. “When customers choose to work with Victory Homes,” says David Roembke, vice president of sales, “their expectations are met with an experienced design and sales team. We excel at capturing a high level of detail for our customers, and we offer interior design services for our customers who don’t feel comfortable taking on all the design decisions.”

    Perhaps the best thing about a new build is creating a home that reflects your own personal touch and preferences. Your home should accommodate how you live, and the bathroom’s layout and architectural features should complement how you utilize this space, from luxurious tubs to his-and-her bathroom sinks. “Our customers are very involved with the build, from design to selecting their hardware and finishes,” says Roembke. “They have the opportunity during the planning and sales stage to meet with our design team and share their design ideas.”

    Other times, the design team may offer alternatives and suggestions, working with the customer until the space is just right. “At the end of the process, our customers will get what they want. Plus, due to our volume of business along with our key trade partners, we are able to offer our customers a custom build experience with a very competitive price point.” “We build it. You make it feel like home” is Victory Homes’ mantra. The team at Victory Homes ensures customers get exactly what they want every time.

    Bathroom Interior with freestanding tub in front of a window


    Innovative Bathroom Designs
    Since its inception in 1984, Nonn’s has been a family-owned Wisconsin business specializing in levating interior spaces. The largest independent flooring retailer in the state, Nonn’s also offers custom-designed cabinets, countertops and appliances, along with every bath and sink necessity, from hardware to tile, to make your bathroom one of the best spaces in the house.

    With 200,000 square feet of floor space at two Madison locations, Nonn’s has something for every area of the home, including the bathroom. “We want to be a one-stop shop,” says Emily Allred, sales manager. “We’re a great option because our process is a guided experience. All our salespeople have interior design degrees, and they’re available to anyone who walks in. Clients get the VIP treatment throughout the design process.” Design consultations are complimentary, as are home measurements upon purchase.

    Being a smaller space, the bathroom is great for experimenting with fun, innovative designs. “We have a lot of representations in our showroom of designs we’ve done in the past. We show clients possibilities they can draw from, or we can work with the ideas they already have in mind. Once they start seeing all of the many products and materials at our disposal, clients are ready to be more adventurous. The bathroom is a fun place to try different design ideas.”

    From sleek, modern lines in custom cabinetry to bold hues, Nonn’s has innovative bathroom designs for every style and color palette. Quartz countertops in grey or white are popular for their beauty and durability, while trends in shower tile lean toward geometric shapes in accent liners. “Everyone likes the functionality of the bathroom being an open space. Our goal is to help make your bathroom feel cohesive through customized cabinetry and other features to give you the bathroom you want through as simple a process as possible. We want to take all the guesswork out of the design process!”

    Breaking Down Bathroom Renovations
    If the tiles of your floor or fixtures remind you of when you were getting ready to see Top Gun with your friends – it’s probably a good time to consider remodeling your bathroom. To avoid pouring money down the drain, here are a few things to consider.
    START HERE: Like any renovation project, setting a goal and budget should be your first move.
    COST: We spend thousands of minutes a year in our bathrooms, so it’s understandable why they’re among the most common spaces homeowners seek to improve. The cost of a remodel can vary, depending on how substantial your upgrades are.

    Cosmetic changes like a shelving unit, shower seat, paint, and modern decor can typically be achieved with a budget of about $1000. Because these upgrades are relatively simple – if you’re an adept DIY-er, you may enjoy taking on these projects, yourself.

    More considerable improvements such as new floors, shower/tub installation, a new sink, plumbing, and anything with expensive material – like granite, can range from $3000 and up. This level of project should be handled by a trusted professional, whose services should also be considered in your budget.

    “Rates are at historic lows. Anyone looking to update their bathroom, now is the time.” – Lori Eberly, Consumer Lending Operations Manager, UW Credit Union

    It’s important to remember that the cost of your remodel widely depends on your location, the size of the bathroom, materials, and the contractor you partner with. If you’re ready to consider financing options, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty to choose from.

    HELOC: A Home Equity Line of Credit is the most common loan used for renovation projects. By leveraging your home’s value, a lender can offer you a low interest rate on your loan, often with no upfront cash required.
    CREDIT CARD: Credit cards aren’t typically recommended for financing an entire renovation project. The interest rate is too high and you might not be able to pay it off quickly enough. However, it may be beneficial to purchase a few of the materials with a card that offers you rewards. Using a credit card in tandem with a HELOC, you can net yourself credit card rewards and then use your lower-rate HELOC to pay off your balance.
    PERSONAL LOAN: Commonly offered at a fixed rate, personal loans allow you to have access to your funds quickly. The amount you qualify for and the rate you’ll receive greatly depends on your credit score.
    • Focusing on necessary improvements: Complete what you can and tackle the rest as more funds become available.
    • Buying materials yourself and hiring a contractor to complete the project is
    cost-effective and may also speed up completion time.

    Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to refresh your home while also increasing its market value. Before starting your project you should consult with a lending associate at UW Credit Union to find out which financing option best suits you. •

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