The 2021 kitchen design trends you need to know about

The 2021 kitchen design trends you need to know about

The 2021 kitchen design trends you need to know about

What are the top kitchen trends for 2021 so far? (Getty Images)

Whether you’ve got your heart set on an entire remodel or you’re looking to give your existing kitchen a bit of a modern refresh, you’re probably curious about the hot-right-now trends taking over your Insta feed. 

If 2020 was the year of the live-in kitchen, thanks to us having to spend so much more time there due to the pandemic, as we start to emerge from lockdown, that much-needed functionality is being replaced with some sharper, more aspirational design features. 

From the colours to the styling, 2021 could be a real turning point for kitchen design – but knowing where to start when giving your space an overhaul can be overwhelming. 

Thankfully, the experts at Magnet Kitchens are on hand, to break down the kitchen styles and colour schemes we’ll soon be lusting over on Pinterest. 

Colour Trends

When it comes to colours, clinical white is out and warm, earthy tones are in. Unsurprisingly, people are turning away from stark white in favour of soft green, beige, grey and blue, to create a calming kitchen space and bringing the natural colours of the outside in. 

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Sage green is the 'it' colour for kitchens this year. (

Sage green is the ‘it’ colour for kitchens this year. (

Sage green is the ‘It’ colour of 2021

Last year was all about the navy kitchen, this year, however, kitchen designers seem to have been inspired by nature, with sage green defining contemporary kitchens. 

The average trend increase across google searches for Sage Green Kitchens is up 39% over the past year, while searches for Dulux Sage Green kitchen paint are up by a whopping 750%.

This light, dusty green is pale enough for a wall colour even in the smallest of kitchens and is neutral enough to not be an overbearing cabinet colour too.


Cashmere cabinets are a popular earthy neutral. (

Cool Cashmere

This soft, neutral tone offers a perfect alternative to white or cream for cabinets. It can easily be paired with other muted tones for a neutral look, or combined with more playful shades to brighten up a dark kitchen, while also suiting an open plan living space.

Google searches for ‘Cashmere colour kitchen ideas’ are up by 175% over the past 12 months. Similarly, the Farrow and Ball Cashmere paint, Elephant’s Breath, is proving to be a popular choice with searches for ‘Farrow and Ball Elephant’s Breath Kitchen’ up by 325% over the last year.

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Teal adds a pop of colour to any neutral cabinets. (

Aegean teal

While we still haven’t got over our love affair with blue kitchen, Aegean teal has replaced navy as the go-to shade in 2021, with a 400% increase in searches for Aegean teal kitchen over 12 months.

A recent study by Magnet Kitchens revealed that 41% of the UK considers a blue kitchen to look the most expensive, adding another excuse to try out this on-trend shade.

As Aegean teal is such a bold colour, it could quickly become overbearing so is probably best incorporated into a colour palette instead of being the dominant shade. Add a hint on a feature wall or use teal-coloured metro tiles.

As well as offering a pop of colour, opting for teal in your kitchen could actually add value to your home. Recent research by Magnet Kitchens revealed 41% of homeowners believe blue is the kitchen colour that looks most expensive, making it the shade most likely to add value to your property. 


Pebble grey is proving popular in modern kitchens. (

Pebble Grey

Seems we’re no closer to reaching peak grey, with the earthy colour never out of style. A staple in many kitchens, thanks to its neutral ability to go with everything, but with so many shades (well over 50) of grey to choose from, finding the right grey can be confusing.

The shade on everyone’s lips, or should we say walls, at the moment is pebble grey. Searches for ‘pebble colour kitchen’ have increased by 80% from summer 2020 to now, along with Farrow and Ball’s Skimming Stone paint, experiencing a 85% uptick in searches.

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“It’s no surprise that grey is fast becoming the kitchen colour of choice in homes across the globe,” explains a Magnet Kitchen’s spokesperson. 

“Versatile enough to complement a huge variety of hues, materials and décor styles, yet striking enough to make a statement, grey offers the perfect balance between the contemporary and the classic.” 

Fresh bursts of green foliage create the perfect contrast with kitchen cabinets in neutral grey tones or conjure up a sense of drama by pairing kitchen cabinets in grey hues with dark granite worktops. Add matt black light fixtures and brushed chrome appliances to create a minimalist look fit for a Michelin starred chef.

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Kitchen Styles

Shaker designs are still proving popular but have been given a modern reboot. (

Shaker designs are still proving popular but have been given a modern reboot. (

Modern Shaker

Shaker kitchens date back to 18th century England, but the Modern Shaker has been given something of a reboot to suit 21st century living. The shaker’s simple and functional way of life was reflected in their well-made and minimalist furniture style, which is why this style has evolved so well for kitchen living today. 

Over the past 12 months alone, ‘modern shaker style cabinets’ have seen an increase in searches by 1300%, so the appeal of the classic style seems ongoing.

Simple sturdy cabinets with wooden countertops and neutral tones are an easy way to nail this timeless look.


Japandi has moved from the bedroom to the kitchen. (


Pairing modern Scandi decor with elegant, ergonomic Japanese style, Japandi blends the best aspects of both trends seamlessly, to provide simple lines, minimalism, neutral tones and natural elements.

Japandi was a huge trend in 2019/2020 for bedrooms and it seems people are now eager to replicate the Japandi style in their kitchens. Searches for Japandi kitchen related terms have seen an average uplift of 850% in a year.

Stick to fuss-free white or wood tone cabinets and wooden countertops and keep the accessories to a minimum. Some matt black features with potted plants will complete the look.

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With modern accents and appliances, farmhouse kitchens offer a cosy, yet functional choice. (

Farmhouse kitchen reboot

On the opposite end of the scale to minimalistic Japandi, you’ll find the cosy interior style of Farmhouse. Farmhouse kitchens, or country kitchens, mix textures, colours, and fabrics to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Searches for ‘farmhouse kitchen white cabinets’ have seen a 240% increase over the past 12 months.

If you’re looking to achieve this result in your kitchen, pair prints and patterns with natural elements like wood and stone, accessorising with textures and rustic features.

“With their origins in farming, there’s no surprise that English country cottage kitchens have a delightful rustic appeal,” a spokesperson for Magnet explains. “For your colour palette, consider mixing wood tones with soft pastel hues such as the trending sage green. 

With Farmhouse kitchens and bringing nature inside being huge for 2021, it is no surprise this green hue is popping up in kitchens everywhere at the moment.”

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