St. Louis designers’ tips, remodel ideas, and looks to steal

St. Louis designers’ tips, remodel ideas, and looks to steal

Design STL’s annual July/August issue looks at the most important rooms in the home—kitchens and bathrooms.

In this issue, we take you behind the scenes with local designers April Jensen, Jessie Miller, and Wendy Kuhn to learn about the details of their most recent kitchen projects, including Jensen’s own home kitchen. (You’re going to love the color!) From country-to industrial-inspired, each project offers a fresh take on how to make your kitchen both practical and pleasing.

We also take a look at bathrooms and how now more than ever, they’re designed with living in mind. Bathrooms, says Michael Wyrock, co-principal designer of Nistenhaus Design, are one of the first and last rooms people engage with during the day: “They tend to be one of those places people think they’re in and out of quickly. The reality is, they often spend a lot more time there than expected.” Our design insiders share tips on how to make the most of the often overlooked space. 

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July 7, 2021

8:47 AM

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