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Small bedroom office ideas | Livingetc

Small bedroom office ideas get a bad rep. Seen as poky, they’re the last room to get allocated in a multi-gen or family home, evoking negativity amongst siblings because of their – apparent – lack of space. However, it’s a bad rep that’s undeserved if you ask us. Being made to come up with a host of small bedroom ideas actually allows you access to plenty of design possibilities. With clever fore-planning and imagination, you can create not just a comfy and special little bedroom, but also a multi-functional sleep-work space. 

Sometimes it’s just about scaling things down, or, in other instances, it’s about using the right color or prioritizing which areas of the room are to be the focus. Spin the situation and see a small bedroom as a design challenge. An opportunity to show off your logistical and decorating skills and prove to everyone that, with a sprinkling of imagination and a can-do attitude, you can turn a small space into a desirable and practical one. Small is not a decorating downfall, it’s an advantage. 

Use an energizing and punchy paint tone

Farrow and Ball small bedroom office ideas

Wall painted in Breakfast Room Green No.81, Farrow and Ball.

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Contrary to popular belief, small bedroom office ideas can really work a bold color on the walls. Experienced decorators would advise you that, if you really want to use that striking wallpaper or eye-catching paint color somewhere, then do it in the smallest room of the home. Why? Because a small or dinky-sized space like a wash closet or small bedroom will never look that big anyway, so, to make it into a space that’s special and really cossetting, opt for a fun decorating scheme and striking colorway. Now your little bedroom has charisma and is a little bit je ne sais quoi! 

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