Six Company Swag Ideas That People Will Love In 2021

Six Company Swag Ideas That People Will Love In 2021

Six Company Swag Ideas That People Will Love In 2021

By Olivia Jennings

Many companies are searching for creative and unusual ways to increase loyalty of their customers and employees to their brand. What can be better than great company swag? The strongest point of this simple gift is a physical connection between the trademark and people. With the new epoch of remote work, social distancing, and zoom-conferences it’s very important to have something pleasant and touchable. A proper swag will engage and delight. The trick is simple: just try to guess what products people will want to keep and cherish.

In fact, we are here to help you. Learn about the best six swag options to please remote employees and clients.

1.   Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker

Nowadays we can’t imagine being without technologies and innovations. Our favorite gadgets have turned out to be an extension of ourselves, a literary “alter ago.” Why don’t you make up a corporate swag that will help digitally manage their schedules and even lives? An ideal gift for those obsessed with their 10,000 steps every day and those who dare to start this practice. Opt for a technical wonder that combines many devices all-in-one:

  • a smart watch;
  • an activity tracker;
  • a heart rate monitor.

It will boost both wellbeing and productivity. But before you send this item to new happy owners, make sure to get a sample. Test this multi watch to verify that it does work as expected.

2.   Soap Set

To wash hands with an aroma bar soap set – what could be better? People like soap, especially if it’s extra luxurious. And they use it regularly – several times every day. Order the company signature soap with natural ingredients and skin-soothing vitamins. A specialty item is a handmade one with sensitive care and useful ingredients. We are sure that your colleagues appreciate the finer things in life. This swag is something personal and sensual for pleasure and enjoyment. If we stay at home so much time, we surely need some inspiring and warm things. For hand wash, bath or shower, a soap set is a must have for every family.

3.   Fun Socks

Express your passion and care through fun socks as a brave surprise. This pair of hard-to-find novelty socks with your logo and motto will become a great motivator to choose your brand both as an employee or loyal client. Show everybody that you care about what they put on their feet! And good news, these socks will never be ‘just socks’. In fact, they will become the favorite go-to of the wardrobe, a true leader of swag gift ideas. With global pandemic challenges, a lovely cotton pair will make working from home especially comfortable and emotionally safe.

4.   Eco Backpack

Eco-friendly swag products are always highly praised. To have such an item means reducing waste of disposable products globally. It’s like a personal contribution to promoting a green and clean world. With this backpack people will feel like doing their part to help our Planet. What materials are used for eco backpack – it’s up to you:

  • bamboo fiber fabric;
  • recycled cotton;
  • recycled polyester.

No doubt, a green choice always sounds like a noble approach. Your team will be proud of getting this present from your office.

5.   Tech Mini Bag

A compact bag for the modern “online” employee for an offline daily routine is a great choice! It will help to organize:

  • all cables;
  • cords;
  • headphones;
  • tablet accessories;
  • webcam cover;
  • other useful tech items.

Apply your company logo to this small pouch to boost brand recognition and loyalty. Besides, your remote employees will not feel disconnected from their colleagues and casual office.

6.   Promotional T-shirts

One of the brilliant marketing gift variants is a branded T-shirt, an ideal solution for endless zoom-conferences and online chats. With this clothing your co-worker doesn’t have to worry much about his own outfit, at least for corporate virtual events. On the other hand, let your consumers promote your brand by wearing stylish T-shirts both online and offline. Among other options in this category are buffs, scarfs, hats which are very catchy and what is more important for their future owners – free.

As you see, giving a swag item is a classic win-win. All you need to succeed is creativity and good taste.

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