Pink And Grey Bedroom Inspiration

Pink And Grey Bedroom Inspiration

Pink And Grey Bedroom Inspiration

House Beautiful/Carolyn Barber

Looking for pink and grey bedroom ideas? A comforting colour combination, it’s a sophisticated scheme that feels incredibly grown-up in master suites, children’s bedrooms and guest bedrooms, too.

Whether you’re dreaming of pink accessories or want to refresh walls with a lick of grey paint, this versatile duo is the way to go (and the options are endless). Subtle use of pink can bring warmth to a room, while soft grey will make any space feel timeless.

If you’re feeling bold, opt for a pink feature wall. For something less daring, paint a piece of your bedroom furniture dark grey and throw some matching cushions on your bed. And don’t just think about the walls, you can introduce pink and grey with a bed, wardrobes, soft furnishings, blinds and curtains, too.

Here’s how to nail a pink and grey bedroom colour scheme in your home.

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Bring in grey through accessories

A pink and grey bedroom combination is perfect, especially when you choose to bring in grey through accessories. From a desk lamp to scatter cushions, there are lots of ways you can tap into this calming palette.

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Start with a grey base

‘Create a calming bedroom by starting with a grey base,’ says Francesca Birch, designer at Danetti. ‘Warm up the space by introducing shades of pink — by choosing a more muted tone of these shades means you can end up with a calming, pastel colour palette for your bedroom.’

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Try two shades of pink

If you’re looking for bold pink and grey bedroom ideas, embrace various shades of pink in a colour block (like a headboard as seen here) — and add in grey through soft furnishings. Punchy and playful, you can create the pink grown-up bedroom of your dreams.

‘Try using two shades of the same colour,’ says Rob Abrahams, Co-Founder of COAT Paints. ‘It’s a nice way to add interest to a space by creating a complementary tonal scheme, rather than a more traditional contrast wall or ceiling.’

• ‘Stolen Rose’, ‘Pink Sandstone’ and ‘Brave Ground’ paint colours all by Dulux


Contrasting colours

While pink and grey are a match made in heaven, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with other colours. Navy blue, as seen here for example, creates a cocooning effect in the bedroom. Keep your accessories pretty in pink, opt for a grey bed frame, and then bring in a stark contrast with deep blue walls.

• Maisy ottoman bed frame, House Beautiful collection at Dreams


Paint the ceiling pink

A white, pink and grey bedroom colour scheme can work wonders too. Here the ceiling, which has been painted pale pink, really helps to zone this sleeping space. The bedlinen, layered with a slightly punchier pink shade and grey marl sheets, along with the green cushion and the play on textures and patterns, creates a wonderfully calm and relaxing bedroom.


Tap into natural accessories

Create a pared-down look with wicker and rattan accessories. From on-trend lights to wicker bedside tables, these will complement any pink and grey bedroom scheme. Complete the look with a vase of dried flowers.

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Add a pink throw

Want to style a pink and grey bedroom the grown-up way? It’s all in the details. Jazz up your bed by adding a stylish throw in a muted pink. Perfect for complementing neutral tones such as grey, it will look beautiful in any space.

• Niki throw, £220 at Swoon


Choose blush pink carpet

Pink carpet? Yes, blush pink to be precise. Give your bedroom the luxe appeal it deserves with a super soft, deep pile carpet that feels great underfoot. Here, the muted pink tones complement the light and airy space, and the continuation of blush pink on the walls and curtains creates a cohesive look. This is a great pink and grey bedroom idea because the layering of pink is not overpowering but rather subtle. Complete the look with a grey bed frame.

Harbour Beach Saxony Carpet in Blush, House Beautiful collection at Carpetright


Opt for barley-there pink

‘A barely-there pink can be paired with a neutral such as soft grey to create a warm, calming space to wind down in at the end of the day,’ says Jo James, founder at Bedfolk. ‘Make up the bed to create your very own cloud by layering with pillows, throws or quilts. Not only is this a lovely way to pair colours but it increases the comfort level for a restful night.’

• Linen and cotton throw, £99, Bedfolk


Choose a grey bed

Create an instantly dramatic feel in your bedroom with a stylish grey bed – even better if it’s upholstered in plush velvet. Not only are calming grey hues Feng Shui approved, but it will help to flatter the room’s decor too.

‘By decorating with pink and grey you can combine two timeless interior schemes – a neutral and a pastel,’ adds Julian Downes, MD at Fibre Flooring. ‘Pink and grey creates a décor that is both calm and cool; ideal for bedrooms where you want a fresh but cosy feel.’

• Grove bed, House Beautiful collection at Dreams


Think outside the box

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, or any room in your home for that matter, it pays to think outside the box. Pink solid panel wood shutters and a pink hued glass pendant lamp creates a real charm in this bedroom – sometimes it’s the details that count.


Switch to a pink bed frame

Pink gives personality, warmth and atmosphere to a room. For a quick style update, why not invest in a sumptuously soft pink bed frame? For a luxurious hotel-worthy touch, we recommend choosing velvet. You won’t regret it.

When it comes to your walls, strip it back and opt for a white paint with hints of grey to create a modern, serene look.

• Maisy ottoman bed frame, House Beautiful collection at Dreams


Bring colour in through bedlinen

A pink and grey bedroom is a colour combination made in heaven. If you’re not sure how to tie the hues together, a great place to start is to introduce colours through bedlinen. Soft grey sheets against a blush pink wall will always work marvellously. You can then introduce pink accents through accessories, like a pink lampshade, for example.

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Add a pink blind

Focus on your bedroom’s window treatment and brighten up your space with pink roller blinds. Whether you want patterned or plain, there’s a style for every window. Muted grey walls work perfectly here to elevate the pink and black accessories.

• Roman blind from Thomas Sanderson


Pink accents

‘Offering an alternative to white and wood effect, grey has been growing in popularity in bedroom furniture and offers a calming neutral base to build colour around,’ says Megan Baker, Head of Design at My Fitted Bedroom.

‘Using pink accents in the bedroom can give life and vibrancy to a more neutral backdrop.’

• Velvet 30cm Easyfit Shade, Pink and Brass, £22, BHS


Paint your furniture

Whatever your interior style, pink and grey bedrooms are perfect for all. If you’re not feeling bold enough to dabble in pink paint, why not paint your wall (or wardrobe doors) grey instead. Finish off the look with pink soft furnishings, whether it’s cushions or a throw, and you’ll have the ultimate relaxed retreat.

Laura Ashley fitted bedroom by Symphony in Marston Cobble Grey

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