Open plan kitchen extensions | Livingetc

Open plan kitchen extensions | Livingetc

When people think of open plan extensions, they often think of a living, dining, entertaining, family space where everyone can gather and interact. They have become the must-have when it comes to the best kitchen extensions in recent years for lots of reasons – space, light and the ability to design a space with few restrictions. However, to make it feel comfortable and not too stark, zoning is so important, to identify different areas to cook, eat, entertain and relax. Think about how you and your family live before committing to a layout.

“After your zones have been identified, it’s time to connect them again,” says Barbara Cortesi of Barbara Cortesi Interiors. “Create elements that will carry throughout the space. Use wall treatments, joinery, furniture, bookcases, rugs, lighting, color and art to join all the pieces of puzzle.”

A beautiful large, garden-facing island seems to be the go-to solution for large kitchen extensions, but remember that is not the only one. A U shape kitchen or a peninsula can serve the same purpose while giving you more cabinetry space. The peninsula itself can serve the same purpose as an island, acting as a breakfast bar while connecting the kitchen to your dining area.

“In a large extension/addition there will likely be roof lights,” Barbara says. “The sun will shine through during the day, but it is important to think about the evenings too. Task lighting is important for cooking and we always need to plan for it. So make sure that there is enough ceiling space to allocate it. If not, then clever lighting can be the solution, such as flexible angled spotlights or bars fitted across your skylights.” 

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