Office design ideas for small spaces

Office design ideas for small spaces

Office design ideas to create a stylish home office in a small space 

Not only does a stylish home office space make a home feel complete and add to its value, but a dedicated, distraction-free space is vital for tackling work tasks and feeling productive and creative for hours at a time. 

Not only will a concentration-boosting environment revolutionize your productivity, but it will also help you maintain a work/life balance by keeping your social life out of your office and keeping your work life out of your living room. 

If you think you don’t have enough room in your home for a designated office, think again. Almost any space can be turned into a functional and chic home office with a bit of planning and some smart solutions. 

Use a room divider to create a separate space

Plan to carve out space in your home that’s quiet, well-lit and distinct from your living and relaxation areas to boost your productivity during your working hours and your peace during your non-working hours. 

Office design ideas for small spaces

If you don’t have a spare room to claim as a home office, a room divider is a great fix for splitting up your office from the rest of your space. Room dividers clearly define the boundaries of your office to achieve visual separateness between work and social zones, which will help you unplug when you aren’t working and focus when you are. Room dividers are also aesthetically pleasing and make great backdrops for Zoom meetings.

Use a statement wallpaper to create a customized office 

Turning the wall in front of or behind your desk into an accent wall by adding a bold pattern is a great way to instantly turn any space into a personalized office. Not only does it make a space feel customized and distinct from the rest of your home, but a striking print will draw attention away from your workspace, even when clutter builds up on your desk.

Tempaper PE10633 Peacock Blue & Metallic Gold Peonies

Be sure to choose a peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy DIY project. Select a natural floral print in striking colors like this blue and gold print one or a bold patterned print in a muted color

Use area rugs to create an office zone 

Area rugs can define a space and make it feel separate from the rest of the room to create a cohesive office nook in a mixed-use space. When using an area rug to make your home office feel distinct from the rest of the room, you can play with the shape and size of the rug to define how much space you’re dedicating to your office. 

Safavieh Madison Collection Living Room Bedroom Area Rug

If you have a small corner of your living room available for your office space, a round area rug will create an organic office space that fits nicely into your other living areas. 

Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug

If you have a larger amount of space to work with, such as an entire spare room, a large rectangular area rug with colors that accentuate other design elements will pull the office together nicely. 

Add striking lighting 

Sputnik Chandeliers 8 Lights Modern Pendant Lighting

Brighten up your office space with modern overhead lighting, like a sputnik chandelier, a mid-century modern floor lamp parked next to your desk or a table lamp. Avoid harsh fluorescents and instead select warm lighting

Add plants to bring your home office to life 

American Plant Exchange Split Leaf Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa Live Plant

Adding a bit of greenery to your home office will make it feel much more comfortable and may even improve your focus. Try a vibrant Monstera or lucky Money Tree

CEWOR 2pcs Artificial Hanging Plants 3.6ft Fake Ivy Vine

Not so sure about your green thumb? No biggie. Try hanging some artificial ivy plants or even some fake succulents on your desk to make your space feel brighter and more alive, without ever having to water your plants. 

Reduce visual clutter 

Nothing kills the vibe in a space like a bunch of clutter. Here’s how you can banish busy visuals from your office to make it feel much bigger and much less hectic. 

Choose small space furniture 

If you’re furnishing an office in a small space, look for furniture that doesn’t carry much visual weight. Be careful not to go overboard with how much furniture you’re putting in your office, as too much furniture will quickly make your space feel cramped and claustrophobic. 

Coavas Folding Desk No Assembly Required

Intentionally select furniture designed for small spaces with slim profiles like this petite desk. While desks that include storage solutions can be a positive in a small space, they also tend to carry a lot of visual heft and can end up making your desk feel busier.  

Try clear furniture that seemingly disappears 

Convenience Concepts Town Square Chrome Desk With Shelf

Some furniture is made out of clear materials like glass and acrylic and is designed to be see-through so that it practically disappears into the backdrop of a space. If you’re choosing a desk and office chair for a small space, try an all-glass desk and clear chair to make your office setup nearly invisible. It’s just as functional as your average office setup, but far less obtrusive. 

Manage your cables

Cord Cover Raceway Kit

Lots of cables will quickly make your office feel cluttered and uncomfortable. Try to place your computer, monitor and printer near an outlet to reduce the visual weight of your cords. Use cable concealers to keep everything managed and hidden away. 

Use storage solutions that house electronics and hide supplies  

HOMECHO Lateral File Cabinet with 2 Drawers

Choose a stylish printer cabinet that includes space for other office supplies and files. Organize miscellaneous supplies in plastic bins. Organize paper in a slim file organizer or, better yet, scan and toss them. 

When you can’t go wide, go tall

To maximize the utility of a small space, take full advantage of the height of the ceilings. Pick furniture that’s as tall as you can get for the space, and keep the floors as clear as possible to make a space feel bigger and more open.

Homissue Industrial Open Bookcase

To make full use of vertical space in your home office, use smart storage solutions like tall bookshelves and wall-mounted storage. Add aesthetically pleasing storage baskets and decorations like vases and geode bookends to your shelves to ensure your space doesn’t feel overly functional at the price of beauty. 

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Shelf Mounted

For even more storage that takes up no footprint, try mounting storage shelves to the walls. While they often won’t support much weight, you can use them to store a few books, your memorabilia and some photographs. 

Draw the eye up and away from your workspace with a gallery wall

11 Pack Wooden Picture Frames 5x7 8x10 Gallery Wall Photo Frames Set with Hanging Template

A gallery wall is a great way to add life to an office nook and draw attention away from your desk. Paint the wall behind your gallery wall a soft taupe or other neutral color and dress it up with a mix of art, keepsakes, prints and other objects in a variety of frames for an ornate gallery feel. 

Top office products for small spaces

Ironstone L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

Ironstone L-Shaped Computer Corner Desk

L-shaped desks optimize your square footage and get the most work area out of limited office space. This desk receives high reviews for its easy assembly and legroom. It features attractive golds and whites. This desk can fit snugly in a corner or can be placed away from the wall to create a modular workspace with the function of a cubicle.

Sold by Amazon

Full Motion Monitor Swivel Wall Mount Bracket

Full Motion Monitor Swivel Wall Mount Bracket

A large monitor can dominate your entire desk space, but a wall mount will make your space feel more elegant and make a tinier workspace feel bigger. Mounting your computer monitor to the wall is good for your back and adds a lot of usable space to your desk setup, which may make you feel more efficient and generally at ease while working.

Sold by Amazon. 

Aupsen Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Aupsen Rose Gold Desk Organizer

Don’t let supplies take over your desk. Keep them organized in a designated space. This rose gold desk organizer features various compartments and is an attractive color and material.

Sold by Amazon


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