Latest news about Patrick Shin

Latest news about Patrick Shin

Latest news about Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin, the founder of Nan Inc, one of the most influential construction companies in the USA was in the news for a while. The visionary founder is known for this exceptional work in the construction domain and how he transformed his beginning into a 450 million dollars worth portfolio. With a team of 700+ professionals, he is an inspiration for many. His company made the list into the top construction companies that offer unmatched services. 

However, when good people work hard and focus only on their growth, there are some individuals that try to bring them down. It happens often and the same incident happened with the founder of Nan Inc, Patrick Shin. When his company was expanding significantly, two of his former employees imposed false allegations on him. 

What were the allegations?

The former employees imposed on the founder that he used his power and monetary position to bribe government officials for his personal benefits. Accusations were very serious that the founder did deal with government officials in a falsified manner. They also allege that some of the government officials also behaved inappropriately. 

Proving innocence in such cases takes time, but it eventually happens and the same thing took place with the founder of Nan Inc. When the US court investigated this matter, they found nothing against the founder which gave him a clean sheet. After seeing this and learning more about the laws and regulations, the plaintiffs dismissed the case voluntarily. 

Previous claims were all untrue

The US court gave a big relief to the founder of Nan Inc by stating that all the allegations made on him were false and were baseless. The Federal lawsuit chose to decline further intervention into the investigation of this matter and closed it claiming the founder is not guilty. The plaintiffs also issued a public apology notice in which they wrote that they are regretful for all the activities that they’ve done so far.

After the government’s investigation, the plaintiffs mentioned that they are apologizing to everyone involved in this falsified charge. They are regretful to government officials if they’ve hurt them emotionally and otherwise. As of now, all allegations are rolled back by the court and the founder has got the clean sheet. It’s a significant achievement for the founder and the entire team that their hard work did not go worthless. 

The plaintiffs have also mentioned in their apology letter that they will never ever impose falsified allegations over anyone for their personal benefits. The court successfully waived off all the allegations against the founder.  As of now, the company’s founder plans to expand his business throughout the country and grow the scalability of his business.