Influencer Marianna Hewitt’s Tips for Creating a Cool, Calming Living Space

Influencer Marianna Hewitt’s Tips for Creating a Cool, Calming Living Space

“Every corner really needs to be Instagrammable,” says Marianna Hewitt of her dreamy Los Angeles apartment. Though many may know her as the influencer of influencers, the multi-hyphenate has “entrepreneur” written all over her impressive resume. Cofounder of the cult beauty brand Summer Fridays and host of the hit podcast Life With Marianna, Hewitt is quite literally her own brand. This notion, she adds, must be reflected in her living space. 

“The mirror selfie is something I take every single day,” the entrepreneur says. The custom mirror anchoring her dining room is therefore a centerpiece of her home’s design. Her tip for DIY’ers hoping to pull inspiration from her apartment is to create neutral yet interesting corners throughout the space that are unique to you. Case in point: She and Garcia sourced the custom stone top of the dining table directly from a stone yard.

Hoping to translate her signature California-cool style into her own home, Hewitt enlisted the best of the best when it comes to creating a picture-worthy space: Maison Trouvaille owner Erick Garcia. “I’m really into natural textures mixed with a European vibe, and he really understood those things,” she says of the match made in design heaven.

The brief she gave was for a work-from-home space that could serve as a backdrop for her frequent posts. “I take so much of my content at home…the space needed to have moments I’d want to share over and over again.” It was no surprise that shortly after uploading her first mirror selfie in her new abode (which she recently announced has been sold), Hewitt’s home was splashed across Pinterest and Instagram, ready to serve as inspiration to design lovers everywhere.

Curious about how to make your own picture-perfect living space? We’ve enlisted the dynamic duo to share their tips on how to DIY the influencer’s enviable pad. Read on for Garcia and Hewitt’s secrets to creating a neutral yet personality-filled home. 

A shag rug unites a JF Chen vintage leather chair and a cushion-lined windowsill in a sun-drenched corner of the space.

“It’s really a collaborative effort,” says Hewitt of working with Garcia. Inspired by chic European decor, the duo set out to find a healthy balance of luxury and warmth. Here, a white plaster bench resides next to a weathered marble side table.

Hewitt and Garcia’s DIY Tips 

1. Shop local and vintage: When it comes to supporting local businesses, Garcia and Hewitt are always on board. “It’s so important to shop locally,” says the Maison Trouvaille founder, “plus you’ll always find something unique and with character.”

2. Make your own furniture: If you know what you want but can’t find a version of it you’d like to buy, consider bringing it to life on your own. “I think people get scared away because they don’t know the process… Marianna’s dining table is a great example of this,” says Garcia.

“I found a picture on Pinterest that I loved and we couldn’t find anything similar, so we went to a stone yard and found a stunning piece of stone and made this beautiful table,” Hewitt tells us of her chic dining table. “Also, people often don’t realize that this can cost much less than buying a new dining table,” she adds.

3. Use Pinterest to your advantage: When furnishing a home, it can be easy to get lost in a void of unimaginative decor. So lean into the positives social media has to offer—namely, endless inspiration. “Always look for inspiration images and then add them to new boards,” Hewitt says of the helpful social media tool.

4. Paint it yourself: “This is probably the easiest way to recreate my apartment,” Hewitt comments of her Venetian plaster walls. “It’s so popular right now,” Garcia adds of the finish. “You can find simple YouTube videos and learn how to do it really quickly.”

5. Create your own art: One of Garcia’s top tips, which he claims can be the best part of the renovation process, is to embrace your artistic side. “Sometimes clients are already so talented, so I urge them to try,” he says. “Marianna has this beautiful plaster piece in her living room [an artwork from Visual Contrast] that anyone could recreate…don’t be scared to try something new.”

An Anthropologie coffee table rests neatly on an HD Buttercup rug, while an inviting Living Spaces sofa begs guests to sit back and stay awhile. 

Sticking with muted tones allowed Hewitt and Garcia to highlight personal and playful touches, like her sage bundle and light-catching crystals.

Parachute bed linens drape over a Community Manufacturing bed frame in Hewitt’s bedroom. 

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