Home Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Home Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Do you lust over the latest interior trends? Walk around kitchen showrooms to get a glimpse at the new kitchen you would love if you had the budget for it? You’re not the only one. Big renovation projects are great but they come with big budgets and it is not always feasible. If you find your creative juices flowing and you want to revamp your interiors on a budget then here is some inspiration for you. 

Home Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Pay by instalments

With the best will in the world and even if you are the savviest of spenders, there will always be some big-ticket items that you cannot get away from. Items that you have your heart set on and you cannot compromise on. Whether it is that new roll-top bath or plush new carpet you can usually find a provider that will allow you to split the cost of these luxuries and pay by way of instalments, payweeklycarpets.co.uk are one such example of this. 

Update your kitchen cupboard doors

Upgrading your entire kitchen is one of the highest-priced renovation projects you can embark on. Instead, a clever and effective way to spruce up your kitchen without it costing the earth is to simply replace the doors on your pre-existing kitchen cabinets. Get the designer look and feel you want from your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. If your budget extends to it you can even consider replacing the kitchen worktops. This too can dramatically change the look and feel of your kitchen. Remember, the smaller the square footage the lower the cost will be, so if you are working with a smaller space you may even be able to upgrade the material of the worktop.

Add a faux island 

While you’re in the kitchen, consider adding a faux island. All the dreamy designer kitchens contain islands and the good news is if you have the space yours can too, even on a budget. You can add an island in your kitchen by using stand-alone tables or cabinets that are cost-friendly, yet still, create a fantastic feature. To improve on your selected table or cabinet add colourful high positioned chairs, shelves, doors or rolling casters so you can move them at will. Just remember the more added extras the more you will spend. 


Upcycling has risen hugely in popularity of late, with more and more people seeking to revamp their old items instead of discarding them. Upcycling is the process of reusing and repurposing unwanted items. Some of the most popular upcycled furniture items are repainted and repurposed drawers, side units or storage units and reupholstered and remodelled chairs. You will be surprised at just what you can achieve with a pot of paint and a bright idea. 

Upgrade your bathroom fixtures

Perhaps your bathroom is in need of a bit of TLC but you are not quite ready to remodel the entire suite. A good place to start is to change your bathroom fixtures. Replacing your old and worn fixtures with modern newer ones can make a huge difference to your bathroom. If the colour palette allows for it, consider using the very on-trend brass fixtures and fittings to truly modernise the space. 

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