Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Tired of your bathroom design? Considering renovation?

Before you begin doing any refurbishing, there are factors that you must consider to get the best out of the process.

You have to think of a low maintenance material for the bathroom wall panels, sink or toilet, say, in terms of cleaning for a crystal clean bathroom. For anything, you may want to replace or introduce, consider one with energy-saving characteristics to minimise bills. Your bathroom needs light to brighten the room and give you a view of the beautifully remodelled bathroom you own. For this, you can think of changing the lighting or introducing skylights or more windows. Below are some restroom refurbishing ideas you would want to look at.


Painting is quite thrilling, especially when you do it yourself, not minding the paint catching you and saving on expense in the long run. You can switch the colour from a less bright one to cream or white to brighten the bathroom or vice versa, depending on your preference. If you don’t prefer painting, you can go for bathroom wall cladding.

Replacing the wall finish

Most people prefer tiled bathrooms, but after a while, the grout between the tile’s changes colour, or mould may build up. If changing the finish suits you, you may want to consider PVC panelling for your walls. Principality Plastics bathroom wall panels are the ideal solution. These cladding can be put on top of the already installed times or just the plastered wall. The best part is that you can actually do it yourself because it’s quite easy.

Altering the floor finish

Bathroom space is ordinarily small; for changing the floor type, the cost is quite friendly, particularly with vinyl flooring. If you have noisy children and don’t want to hear them making noise in the restroom, a vinyl floor is a way to go for its ability to dampen noise. You can have the floor installed in a very short time for you to start using. Before installing, though, you must make sure the floor beneath is in good form to support the new floor. If you have older individuals living with you, slip-resistant floors will help them maintain their stability.

Install a new sink and toilet

The ones one could have had dirt stains making them still look dirty even after cleaning. A replacement of the old ones with new modern ones will make your bathroom look trendy and neat. It can cost you a mere 300 pounds to buy these two items altogether. You can choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you at an estimated 200-pound fee for the installation.

Tweak the theme to something different

Often, you buy bathroom accessories that portray a particular theme based on your colour choices. Changing just the colour of these items can alter the whole outlook. You can replace the previous colour with a different one by purchasing mats, towels, and curtains of shade you want. You can even go a step ahead to match the bathroom wall cladding with your accessories to express your taste.

Incorporate a shower for your bath

You can couple your bath with a shower for maybe the times you just need a quick bathe. You can acquire an electric shower, install it and pay your electrician on a budget of 150 to 250 pounds. Your wall may be chipped for the shower installation. Still, there is no reason to worry because you can cover this up with the relatively cheap PVC bathroom wall panels.

Refinish your bath

Because purchasing a new bath can be insanely expensive, not to mention its installation, refinishing it will better its condition. For various procedures on how to go about it, you can check the internet for text or video instructions.

It is not advisable to paint your bathroom with shouting colours or an array of a mixture of pigments. Usually, these sanitation areas look better in a single shade, such as cream, white, or pink. If you are not yet decided on the colour to apply, you can use bathroom panels as a temporary solution. Painting may stain the floor, and you may need to clean it up, but you can easily manage the dirt with wall panels.

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