blue bathroom makeover inspired by hotel suite in Italy

blue bathroom makeover inspired by hotel suite in Italy

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  • When this young couple bought a two bedroom terrace house  the bathroom was a good size but not to their tase, ‘I liked that it was quite traditional but I wanted it to be more extreme, says Hannah. ‘I disliked how dark the space was and wanted it to feel completely different without incurring lots of costs such as changing the plumbing.

    Let Hannah’s bold bathroom idea inspire your own dream space.

    Blue bathroom makeover inspired by hotel suite

    blue bathroom makeover inspired by hotel suite in Italy

    When the couple first lived in the house, the bathroom walls were in teal blue and brown with a very old-fashioned feel. ‘This was the first room we’d ever spent to much money on and I knew we wanted a roll-top bath, but I couldn’t have one that was freestanding,’ says the owner.

    The blue patterned bathroom tile idea is the stand-out feature of the space. The inspiration came from similar looking tiles the couple saw on an Italian holiday to the Amalfi coast. ‘I get so many compliments about them, especially from people who usually prefer a more neutral style.’

    revamped bathroom with blue patterned tiles

    Image credit; Future PLC

    The bathroom wasn’t spacious enough to have a separate bath and shower, but once they had worked out that the bath could go against the wall and shower screen could be fitted above it, everything fell into place.

    The owner also had her heart set on his n her sinks, but again, space restrictions, ruled that out. Instead she chose an elegant Victorian style to complement the bath.

    bathroom wall niche behind sink taps

    Image credit; Future PLC

    To complete the look of the bath a smart bathroom storage idea consisting of a tiled niche area was created about the taps. ‘I hate seeing products on the side and I wanted to add a niched area because I just end up knocking things off and it was important to have things neat and tidy.

    double shower heads

    Image credit; Future PLC

    Another feature on the owner’s wishlist was a double shower head, but it has ended up serving a slightly different purpose. ‘I was so excited about having a double shower head , but now I only use the smaller one to water plants.’

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