Best kitchen storage ideas | WJHL

Best kitchen storage ideas | WJHL

Kitchen storage ideas

Maximizing space in kitchens is essential, and cupboard and pantry shelves simply aren’t always enough. Many people get creative when it comes to storage options and invest in a broad range of organizational accessories. 

Getting the most out of kitchen storage involves a bit of research, planning and experimentation. Some people find their current storage and organization arrangements are limiting. Old bins, racks and even under-utilized kitchen furniture often need to be replaced by space-savvy organizers that free up cluttered space. 

To have a successful storage overhaul in the kitchen, know that buying new products only solves logistical problems. You’ll likely need to institute a whole new organization and storage system.

How to prepare for a storage overhaul in your kitchen

Assess your current storage system

Before diving into a new storage system, assess your current one. While it may not be ideal, it could have a few strengths worth keeping in the new system. If you have a collection of pantry bins, for example, there’s a good chance you can repurpose them in the new setup.

Conversely, take a good look at what’s not working in your kitchen. For one, pots and pans that are stuffed in cupboards likely need a solution. Or, you may find yourself rearranging drawers that won’t close since they’re overflowing with kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils. 


Decluttering is essential to kitchen storage overhauls. Between expired canned food and doubles (or triples) of cooking tools, it’s wise to pare down to the bare essentials. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • You can donate unexpired, non-perishable food to local food banks and outreach centers. Some of these charities even offer pick-up services to save you a trip.
  • Create three piles of cooking tools: items you often use, items you use occasionally and items you haven’t used in several months or longer. Consider donating items that fall into the last category.
  • Go through all paperwork, including appliance user manuals, receipts, coupons, magazines and old grocery lists. More often than not, you can recycle most of these.
  • Dispose of broken or malfunctioning items, especially if they no longer work to their full potential.

Deep clean

Once you declutter the kitchen, you’ll need to prepare for deep cleaning. This is largely a floor-to-ceiling effort that might take all day, but it’s worthwhile. After all, few things feel better than a clean kitchen, and with a new storage system in place, it’s like getting a brand-new kitchen without an expensive remodel. 

Establish a budget

Implementing a new storage system involves a modest investment, and fortunately, there are kitchen storage and organization products available at every price point. 

If your budget is $100 or below, you can snag a decent variety of bins and drawer organizers. On the other hand, if there’s room to spend $250-$500, you’ll find a wide variety of high-quality individual organizers, as well as a few integrated storage systems. 

14 best kitchen storage ideas

Frequently-used items

Best kitchen storage ideas | WJHL

Popular for pantries and kitchens, the Trinity Heavy-Duty Wire Rack is suitable for storing up to 350 pounds of frequently-used items, food and small appliances. It’s appreciated for its quick-and-easy assembly. 

Dry pantry staples

OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Container Set

Keep dry pantry staples in air-tight storage containers, such as the OXO Good Grips 10-Piece Container Set. The set has a stackable design, and all pieces are dishwasher-safe. 

Pre-packaged snacks

iDesign Clear Bins

Round up packaged snacks in a place of their own with iDesign Clear Bins. You can use them side-by-side or stacked, giving users plenty of flexibility in designing a new pantry storage system. 

Refrigerated foods

Utopia Home Pantry Organizers

Small refrigerated items — like fruit and yogurt — stay organized with Utopia Home Pantry Organizers. The eight-piece set, which includes two sizes, is BPA-free and both fridge and freezer-safe.

Cooking utensils

American Mug Pottery Ceramic Utensil Crock

Free up a cluttered drawer by storing your most-used cooking utensils in the American Mug Pottery Ceramic Utensil Crock. A handmade design with a high-gloss finish, it’s one of the more attractive storage pieces on our list. 


iDesign 6-Compartment Cutlery Drawer Organizer

iDesign 6-Compartment Cutlery Drawer Organizer is equipped with non-slip feet and has a convenient, easy-to-clean design. It fits in all standard kitchen and bathroom drawers. 


Zulay Seamless Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder

Save valuable counter space by mounting your kitchen knives with Zulay Seamless Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder. The smooth, seamless surface won’t scratch or damage knives. The package includes mounting hardware.

Junk drawer

madesmart Junk Drawer Organizer

Tidy up a drawer with the madesmart Junk Drawer Organizer, which has a spacious four-compartment design to fit a motley crew of stuff. The compartments are lined with non-slip material to prevent items from rolling around. 

Canned food

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack

Keep a cleaner pantry when you organize canned food in SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack. The rack stores up to 36 cans and only takes up 17 inches of shelf space. 

Pots and pans

GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer

Make pots, pans and lids more accessible with GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer, an under-cabinet rack that offers three configurations. It holds up to eight sets of pots and pans, including some oversized pieces.  


Allstar Innovations Spice Spinner

Rather than rifling around for the right seasoning, turn to Allstar Innovations Spice Spinner for quick and easy visibility. A genuine space-saver that holds up to 40 spices and offers four height settings. 


ORG Metal Mesh Expandable Cabinet Shelves

Double your cupboard storage space with ORG Metal Mesh Expandable Cabinet Shelves, a pair whose breathable design prevents dust buildup. They have a sleek metallic chrome finish for added aesthetic value. 

Single-serve coffee maker supplies

Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer

Store K-Cups beneath your machine with Keurig Under Brewer Storage Drawer, a low-profile design that holds a whopping 35 pods. The sturdy design supports the weight of all Keurig.

Foil and plastic wrap

Home Basics Stainless Steel Wrap Organizer

It’s much easier to manage foil and plastic wrap with Home Basics Stainless Steel Wrap Organizer, a door-mounted caddy with four jumbo slots. The easy-to-install design takes less than five minutes to set up.


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