5 Quick Ways To Add Texture To Any Room

5 Quick Ways To Add Texture To Any Room

We’re always in a decorating mood at Brit + Co, from summer entertaining outdoors to fall coziness indoors. Here, we tapped Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski, founder of Toronto-based Tiffany Leigh Design, for tips on adding texture to your home. Take it away, Tiffany!

Texture is an essential element when it comes to creating spaces with dimension and interest. As designers, when we talk about texture, we’re referring to the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or material. There are many types of textural materials, from grainy wood to woven bamboo, and we love to use selections from all across the spectrum to create tactile environments! I believe a combination of different textures is the key to a home that looks cozy and complete. Especially in neutral spaces, texture is the key to ensuring that spaces don’t feel flat and lifeless.

Today, I’m sharing five quick ways to add texture to your home. These tips are low-commitment and budget-friendly so that improving your home can be a no-brainer. Scroll on to see our ideas implemented in TLD projects!



Design: Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography: Lauren Miller

This is probably the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add texture to a room. Baskets are ideal for filling in gaps in rooms easily and affordably. In the Copper Beech Build powder room (pictured above), I needed a little something-something to occupy the empty void in the vanity. Rather than displaying unsightly goods, a basket provided a vessel for personal items while introducing a new texture to the small space. Wicker is often our go-to material for baskets as I love the rustic, earthy look of this fabrication! Add them to living rooms to hide toys or store baskets, and bedrooms to act as laundry baskets.


light fixture

Design: Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography: Patrick Biller

There’s something about a woven texture of natural fibers that makes a space feel cozy and lived-in. Here at TLD, we’re all about leaning into natural elements so we consciously incorporate raw and organic-looking textures into every project. The delightfully imperfect look of a woven piece can make a space look less fussy as it infuses a laid-back, casual vibe, with just a touch of coastal flare. We love woven light fixtures specifically as their rustic texture is often emphasized through wall shadows of delicate strands. Overall, woven items have a handmade essence that feels authentic and allows spaces to feel truly home-y.


bamboo blinds

Design: Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography: Patrick Biller

Without texture, spaces can come off as cold and sterile. Texture is essential for warming up interiors and making spaces feel welcoming. In the Amabel Beach House, we relied on beachy textures like cane, jute, and bamboo to make the design come to life. Instead of opting for plain white shades, we selected bamboo shades from Select Blinds Canada to add interest with a textural element against the living area’s crisp white walls. The rug here also adds great texture.


wall hanging

Design: Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography: Lauren Miller

Wall hangings are one of our favorite fast solutions for adding texture to your space. While window coverings are meant to last, decorative wall-mounted pieces can provide a quick improvement at a low cost, allowing them to be eventually switched out guilt-free. Wall hangings often do double-duty when it comes to decor: They add a textural element to spaces and simultaneously occupy otherwise blank walls. Here, in one of the Summer House’s guest rooms, we hung a piece made from rope (by talented fiber artist Candice Luter) above the bed for a beachy vibe. Keep in mind that a little bit of wall decor goes a long way. One feature item per room is often enough to make a design statement!


natural rug

Design: Tiffany Leigh Design | Photography: Lauren Miller

With offerings in so many gorgeous textures, it’s easy to see why we would include rugs on our list. Rugs come in both low-pile and high-pile options and a plethora of materials so it can be overwhelming to know where to start when sourcing a rug. I recommend one that has a visibly nubby texture. The rug we used for one of the Summer House guest bedrooms (from Annie Selke) provided an infusion of texture underfoot in sandy tones that alluded to the rental property’s lakeside location in Southampton, Ontario. When in doubt, look to your surroundings for textural inspiration! If you reflect elements from the outdoors in your interior, your home will feel more authentic and lived-in.

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