19 Ideas expands & remodels HQ to create experience-driven hub centered on employee wellness

19 Ideas expands & remodels HQ to create experience-driven hub centered on employee wellness

19 Ideas expands & remodels HQ to create experience-driven hub centered on employee wellness

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Fri, Jun 11th 2021 12:10 pm

Buffalo marketing agency’s renovation is the product of progressive interior design, historic preservation, and inclusive vision 

√ New space comes with a new brand for the agency in its 10th anniversary year

Strategic marketing agency 19 Ideas announced the unveiling of its two-floor, expanded and remodeled headquarters at the Essex Arts Center (EAC).

A press release stated, “Located in Buffalo’s vibrant Five Points neighborhood, the space features a new work model experience inspired by European design aesthetic and the Center’s creative and cultural history. It is designed to be a flexible work-life space, built on comfort, to inspire creativity and connectivity, and embody the company’s commitment to wellbeing.”

The unveiling follows a year-long collaboration of longtime Buffalo community leaders – Katie Krawczyk, CEO and founding partner of 19 Ideas; Michael Poczkalski, owner and principal designer of michael P. design and room; and Nila Griffis Lampman, executive director of Ashford Hollow Foundation.

“This space is meticulously designed to inspire, excite, and promote mental wellness at every turn,” Krawczyk said. “Every inch connects to people’s needs – both in terms of accomplishing their work and achieving emotional fulfillment. We want this place to redefine what it means to have a healthy and vibrant work environment, where people in a creative field can be inspired, happy, and enthusiastic to come to work each day. People are at the heart of this entire project and our business. This space embodies my vision bringing to life the alchemy of art, business and spirit.”

The renovation coincides with a rebrand effort in 19 Ideas’ 10-year anniversary, including a new brand look with the same focus on people, partnership and community. The combined experience parallels the agency’s decade-long work to foster an inclusive culture that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of its staff. Office features include:

•Self-Identifying Workspaces – addressing the challenges of the open office floor plan, including developing spaces designed to offer variety based on personal and workstyle preferences such as standing areas, sound-proof booths for ultimate privacy, library for silent concentration, nooks for small-team collaborations, and a central pergola-turned-park to offer a flexible area for work or for play.

•Snack and Beverage Program – catering to any desire throughout the workday, including custom mugs with preferred beverage order for clients and staff.

•Full Sensory Immersion – appealing to the five main senses with aromatherapy piped throughout the space; background music to mimic café culture; snack and beverage variety to suit any palette; luxurious home interior furniture to add plush and comfort; and applying a design-first aesthetic to every element for a visual feast meant to stimulate creativity, joy and happiness.

•Amenities to Soothe and Comfort – offering private booths with a free license to the CALM app for a place to focus, center and meditate; luxurious bath, beauty and health products to give you a boost whenever needed; incorporated daylight lighting to enhance your mood and outlook; bringing the “outdoors in” with an abundance of greenery and florals to offer a serene and peaceful setting to combat stress and anxiety.

•Space for Psychological Safety and Comfort – luxury hospitality and a home-like atmosphere that promote mental and physical wellness and security in a pandemic era.

“The infusion of global sensibility and deeply personal aesthetic is present throughout the space,” Poczkalski SAID. “The Buffalo community is rooted in an architectural history that carries through our buildings’ charm and function. From a design standpoint, this was a tremendous opportunity to help connect a historic West Side structure with global inspiration, while providing a natural tie to 19 Ideas’ marketing focus and emphasis on their staff and clients. The result is highly customized, not out of a catalog. But perhaps it should be.”

The history of the EAC features prominently in the design. Purchased by the Ashford Hollow Foundation in 1969, EAC previously functioned a two-floor icehouse delivering product from Lake Erie. 19 Ideas’ downstairs originally served as the carriage house, with the upstairs as a hayloft. Through the building’s evolution as an icehouse, living space, artist commune and – today – a multiuse complex, the foundation has worked to preserve its architectural integrity.

“This new space represents a wonderful model for how historic structures can meet the needs of a modern business,” Lampman said. “In conceiving the revitalization of the space, we took every opportunity to see how original features could add form and function. This is the essence of what Ashford Hollow Foundation strives to do, so that an environment can live without ever losing its legacy.”

The press release noted, “The office will be available for employees to find inspiration and do great work, while always within the parameters of what is prudent under health and safety guidelines.”

Krawczyk said, “As a company of creative thinkers and doers, our cultural mindset focuses on the ‘how’ and the ‘now.’ Now is the time to be present in mind, body and spirit. Your experience in a place matters. And personal happiness and well-being are paramount. This place represents it all, and it is something we can provide on behalf of our company for those we serve.”

19 Ideas is located at 32C Essex St., Buffalo. For more information, visit 19ideas.com.

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