14 Closet Organization Ideas, Courtesy of Vogue Editors

14 Closet Organization Ideas, Courtesy of Vogue Editors

There’s no denying the joys of bringing home a few new summer hats or stocking up on the latest It bags. However, the delights of those new treasures could quickly turn into a burden, unless you implement some clever closet organization ideas into your wardrobe. Whether you have a roomy walk-in closet that could use a little TLC or are working with a single hanging rod, we’re answering all of your closet organization questions below and sharing the hero items that have transformed our spaces, too

Yes, it’s possible to keep all of your belts tidy and stylishly on display at the same time. You can also ensure all of those satchels and totes are orderly without squishing them or compromising their shape. You’re sure to find Marie Kondo-level inspiration from our edit of space savers and closet organization ideas just ahead. Read on to discover the items that transformed our closets into places of fashion order.

The Space-Saving Bags

“It’s not sexy, but the thing that truly transformed my home in the last year was an order of compression bags. I divided my clothes by season and packed all the off-season items into these easy-to-use (and reusable!) bags. Compressing them allowed me to fit double the amount in the drawers beneath my bed, making for more breathing room in the closet. Plus, the bags help protect my dormant clothes from potential moth attacks. Wins all around.” – Ella Riley Adams, Senior Living and Beauty Editor

Acrodo compression bags for travel

The Jewelry Tray

“I picked up a very similar tray at the Brooklyn Flea Market and, upon purchase, was told it was not a dish for my earrings but a vintage egg platter. I’m sure it holds eggs wonderfully, but I think it does an even better job at displaying all my earrings. I store earrings in pairs in each groove, and my bracelets and rings get placed at the center. I couldn’t be happier with this happy accident.” – Lilah Ramzi, Features and Shopping Editor

The Handbag Hanger

“I recently did a closet makeover and realized so many of my favorite bags were either misshapen or getting tossed to the floor every time I tried to find something to wear. Enter these life-changing bag hangers—they’ve proven to be incredibly convenient and can even hold up to 33 pounds (which may or may not be how heavy my bags usually are…). I use these on closet shelves to keep them organized, upright, and easily accessible.” – Clarissa Schmidt, Commerce Producer

Clipa2 The Instant bag hanger

The Belt Holder

“I like to keep as many items on display as possible. That way, I can make sure I’m getting the most out of my wardrobe. These little organizing containers allow me to see all of my belts without making my closet look messy, and they also could be used to store jewelry and other small items.” – Alexis Bennett, Commerce Writer

The Woven Baskets

“When it comes to my closet, I’m a stickler for organization. I’m talking color coordination, categories, uniform hangers, the works! However, if there’s one thing keeping my closet decluttered, it’s these West Elm catch-all bins! They’re the perfect swap for unsightly boxes and bins on the top shelf and create extra storage space for not only clothing but small bits with no real home.” – Ciarra Lorren-Zatorski, Associate Fashion Editor

West Elm two-tone woven baskets

The Little Steamer

“This personal-sized, handheld steamer has totally changed my getting dressed routine. It heats up so quickly and presses those pesky wrinkles right out, so you look more put together. I even prefer it to our bigger, professional steamers in the Vogue closet, and it’s easy to pack when traveling.” – Willow Lindley, Accessories Director

OGHom handheld garment steamer

The Stackable Rack

“I’m partial to this shoe rack, which I actually once kept beneath my desk filled with high heels. I love that it’s adjustable and so it’s come with me to a variety of spaces and closet sizes!” – Lilah Ramzi, Features and Shopping Editor

Whitmor 3-tier expandable shoe rack

The Trouser Friend

“Anything that doubles the space in my closet is always a winner in my book. That’s why I love these squiggle pants hangers. Plus, I don’t have to worry about them breaking, like the traditional ones with clips.” – Alexis Bennett, Commerce Writer

Doiown 5-pack of pants hangers

The Collapsible Bins

“Living in NYC, the quest to maximize storage space in very tight closet spaces is always essential. I rely on stackable containers for organizing small bags and accessories.” – Julie Tong, Senior Commerce Editor

MaidMax collapsible storage organizer

The Shoe Savior

“Even after upgrading to a walk-in closet in my newest apartment, I still didn’t have enough floor space to store my collection of little summer sandals. This over the door shoe hanger has been a seasonal saving grace, plus it allows me to see all of my heels at once while I’m getting ready.” – Madeline Fass, Market Editor

Whitmor over-the-door shoe shelves

The Chic Dividers

“I also could use the shoe hanger to add a few of these shelf separators to keep my stacks of knits organized.” – Madeline Fass, Market Editor

A&R 4-pack acrylic shelf dividers

The Wooden Hangers

“I’ll admit these hangers add bulk and volume within my closet—for every one of these wooden hangers, I could slip two to three of the thin, bendy velvet kinds. But no matter, they look incredibly luxe and my clothes deserve as much, don’t they?” – Lilah Ramzi, Features and Shopping Editor

Honey-Can-Do maple wood hanger

The Extra Storage

“I follow the golden rule of fashion storage which is to never, ever hang your knits. And so, I like this hanging shelf solution which allows me to fold and stack all my sweaters and cardigans right in my closet without having to take up any extra shelf-space.” – Lilah Ramzi, Features and Shopping Editor

Max Houser hanging closet organizer

The Floral Scent

“I fought it for years, but finally got a unit at Manhattan Mini Storage. It has transformed my closet (and life!). I always thought it was an expense I couldn’t justify (or afford), but the Seaport location costs something like $30 per month. Clearing out my winter coats and sweaters in the summer—and vice versa—frees up so much space and eases an anxiety I didn’t even know I had. Twice a year I change out my closet and fold my clothes in a few bins from Target, then drop in a few rose scented wax tablets from Santa Maria Novella to keep everything smelling fresh.” – Emily Farra, Senior Fashion News Writer

Santa Maria Novella rose-scented wax tables

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