12 Home Decor Trends to Make Any Space Insta-Worthy

12 Home Decor Trends to Make Any Space Insta-Worthy

Interior design in 2021 is trending toward comfort, cozy, and colorful as well as bringing the outdoors in. Now that we’re spending more time at home, we want a space that feels all of those things and that means curating an atmosphere that inspires serenity and happiness. Whether you love vintage or modern or somewhere in between, we’ve put together the best home decor trends that will turn your home or apartment into an insta-worthy oasis!

1. Vintage Antiques & China

We’re all looking for comfort and a feeling of familiarity after the pandemic. Bring a sense of nostalgia to any room by adding vintage antiques and china throughout your home for that comforting “granny chic” look.

2. Floral Wallpaper

Floral Wallpaper

Brit + Co

Building on the “granny chic” aesthetic, floral wallpapers are back in and we’re totally into it. Whether you prefer a vibrant and bold look or a subtle one, artful wallpapers help add color and life into your space.

3. Rattan

Rattan chair and basket

Nature-inspired decor never goes out of style (in our book). Sculpted ratan creates an organic and soothing atmosphere perfect for those who want a nature vibe at home. Check out Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow and Opalhouse partnership with Target to get the look.

4. Plants!

What better way to truly bring the outdoors inside than with lots of plants. Plants are proven to boost productivity and happiness when added to your home so there’s a mental health win-win too. People are even adding full plant walls to their homes!

5. Dried Flowers

dried flowers

Looking for another way to add more life into your home or apartment? Dried flowers are an easy way to feature more natural elements without having to worry about taking care of them (and they last way longer than fresh!). They are easy to make yourself, or check out West Elm for some beautiful, pre-made bouquets.

6. Green

Simply adding the color green to any room provokes a calming and natural feel. Shades of green are now coloring accent walls and cabinets across every interior designer’s home because of this serene feeling.

7. Pink Bathrooms

Remember when your grandma’s whole bathroom used to be pink? Tiles, toilet, counters, and everything? Well, it’s making a comeback in more sophisticated shades. Pink adds a fun feel and pop of color that will bring your bathroom to life.

8. Cloud Mirrors

Cloud mirrors are not only a fun shape but they also are meant to represent inspiration and dreams. When looking into them, think about all you can achieve!

9. Sculptural Furniture

Why not make your whole house a piece of art? Sculptural furniture originated from the idea that its intentional shape can bring structure into our chaotic world. This style of furniture also promotes calmness and resilience, something we can all use these days!

10. Twisted Candles

Think of these twists (ahem) on the standard taper as candle art. You can buy them or make them yourself to fill your space with unique shapes and pieces.

11. Tiled End Tables

Place a tiled end table in any room and instantly get a funky and on-trend Art Deco feel!

12. Unique Pendant Lighting

pendant light


A stylish pendant light can elevate any living space by adding fun shapes, colors, and textures. There are so many styles to choose from to suit the personality of your space. Anthropologie has dozens of fun options that we adore.

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Main photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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