10 expert ideas for small bedrooms

10 expert ideas for small bedrooms

Decorating a bedroom can be a daunting task—especially when space is tight. It may seem like there isn’t room for anything, but if you’re smart, and have the right small bedroom ideas up your sleeve then your room can be as functional and beautiful as any other in the house. Here, designers weigh in on their favorite solutions, both practical and attractive.

1 Create architectural interest

small bedroom curtains

(Image credit: Rick Lew)

Even in a small space, some detailing on the wall can bring a sense of richness. “Paneling is a great way to introduce depth,” says interior designer Kathleen Walsh. “And painting it in a shade that has a slight sheen will help the light bounce around the space and make it feel larger.” 

2 Employ built-ins

small bedroom with built in storage

(Image credit: John Bessler)

Of course, like any space, keeping clutter to a minimum increases the how big it feels, and storage ideas for small bedrooms are a main factor in getting this right.

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