10 beautiful closet office ideas that prove you need a cloffice in your life

Most of us will have been working from home for over a year now, and whether it’s going to become and permanent setup for you or you are still dreaming of the days you can commute to the office again, it’s important that you have a dedicated workspace. You’ve been working from the kitchen table (/sofa/bed on the very worst days) for long enough now, it’s time to create a miniature home office to call your own. 

Closet office ideas, or cloffices as they are coined on Pinterest and Instagram, are the answer. If you don’t have the luxury of a whole room to work from, these tiny spaces you can carve out of your current home are a simple way to create a functional workspace that doesn’t have to double up as anything else. An alcove, a spare cupboard, a closet that you can sacrifice some clothes storage for a desk, all these nooks can be transformed into a home office. And our practical (and pretty) cloffice ideas will show you just how much you can achieve with a small space…

Closet office ideas